Master’s Programmes

Master’s programmes at Técnico include research and design activities carried out in the research centres and institutes. Students at Técnico will have the opportunity to do part of their Master studies in an international school, through the different international programmes. For further information contact the Graduate Area.

Applications and Registrations

Courses List 2018–2019:

Course Campus URL
Bioengineering and Nanosystems (MBioNano) Alameda
Biotechnology (MBiotec) Alameda
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (MENO) Alameda
Electronics Engineering (MEE) Taguspark
Pharmaceutical Engineering (MEFarm) Alameda
Mining and Geological Engineering (MEGM) Alameda
Data Science and Engineering (MECD) Alameda
Energy Engineering and Management (MEGE) Alameda
Engineering and Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MEGIE) Alameda
Industrial Engineering and Management (MEGI) Taguspark
Information Systems and Computer Engineering (MEIC-A) Alameda
Information Systems and Computer Engineering (MEIC-T) Taguspark
Petroleum Engineering (MEP) Alameda
Engineering and System Transportation (MEST) Alameda
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering (METI) Taguspark
Information and Enterprise Systems (MISE) Alameda
Mathematics and Applications (MMA) Alameda
Territorial Management and Urban Studies (MOTU) Alameda
Microbiology (Microbio) Alameda
Radiation Protection and Safety (MPSR) Alameda
Chemistry (MQ) Alameda
Information Security and Cyberspace Law (MSIDC) Alameda
Urban Studies and Territorial Management (MUOT) Alameda

International Masters

Course Campus URL
Advanced Mineral Resources Development (AMRD) Alameda
International Master in Mining Engineering (IMME) Alameda