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International Student Guide

The International Student Guide is available in the following hyperlink International Student Guide. Additional information can be found at


Information to be published soon.

Tuition Fees/Annuity

1st and 2nd study cycles: 7000 €/year. 2000€ upon pre-registration (corresponding to the first two installments) and the remainder in accordance with the 1st, 2nd and integrated study cicles of IST.


Applicants should consult the Regulation of Access and Admission of International Students to 1st, 2nd and 3rd study cycle at IST  for additional information on document content and validity.

Required Documents

Applications for a specific course or study cycle programme are made online. The applicant must provide all the documents mentioned in the Regulation, as well as a motivation letter referring to the selected course or study cycle. To complete the application process it is necessary to submit the following scanned documents as PDF files:

  • Recent photo
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Official academic transcript that you have completed secondary education or equivalent in the country of origin and proof of access to higher education examinations (this applies only to the applicant’s to 1st study cycle)
  • Official academic transcript records of bachelor degree /Diploma (this applies only to the applicant’s to 2nd study cycle)
  • Document specifying the type of grading scheme of the academic records.
  • Identification document / passport
  • Document certifying the applicant’s Portuguese language level (this applies only to the 1st study cycle).
  • Statement under oath, that the applicant does not have portuguese nationality nor any other country nationality that is member of the EU and fulfills the requirements needed for the Access and Admission category for International Students.
  • Bank transfer slip of the payment for application fee.

Applications of 1st and 2nd Cicles

Deadlines for the 2nd Phase

May 14 to June 28, 2019 Submission of applications
July 19, 2019 Publication of results
19 to 31 July, 2019 Pre-enrollment
2 to 6 September, 2019 Enrolment and registrations

Applications of 1st and 2nd Cicles

Deadlines for the 1st Phase

February 1 to March 22, de 2019 Submission of applications
April 10, 2019 Publication of results
10 to 30 April, 2019 Pre-enrollment
2 to 6 September, 2019 Enrolment and registrations

Vacancies number 2019–2020

Course Grau Vacancies 1st Cicle Vacancies 2nd Cicle Campus URL
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (LENO) Bachelor 5 Alameda
Electronics Engineering (LEE) Bachelor 7 Taguspark
Geological and Mining Engineering (LEGM) Bachelor 3 Alameda
Industrial Engineering and Management (LEGI) Bachelor 12 Taguspark
Computer Science and Engineering (LEIC-A) Bachelor 33 Alameda
Computer Science and Engineering (LEIC-T) Bachelor 18 Taguspark
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering (LETI) Bachelor 9 Taguspark
Applied Mathematics and Computation (LMAC) Bachelor 7 Alameda
Architecture (MA) Integrated Master 10 10 Alameda
Aerospace Engineering (MEAer) Integrated Master 12 10 Alameda
Environmental Engineering (MEAmbi) Integrated Master 6 20 Alameda
Biological Engineering (MEBiol) Integrated Master 13 10 Alameda
Biomedical Engineering (MEBiom) Integrated Master 12 5 Alameda
Civil Engineering (MEC) Integrated Master 24 8 Alameda
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEEC) Integrated Master 42 15 Alameda
Engineering Physics (MEFT) Integrated Master 12 10 Alameda
Materials Engineering (MEM) Integrated Master 5 10 Alameda
Mechanical Engineering (MEMec) Integrated Master 31 10 Alameda
Chemical Engineering (MEQ) Integrated Master 14 9 Alameda
Bioengineering and Nanosystems (MBioNano) Master 5 Alameda
Biotechnology (MBiotec) Master 4 Alameda
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (MENO) Master 19 Alameda
Electronics Engineering (MEE) Master 4 Taguspark
Pharmaceutical Engineering (MEFarm) Master 4 Alameda
Mining and Geological Engineering (MEGM) Master 15 Alameda
Data Science and Engineering (MECD) Master 9 Alameda
Energy Engineering and Management (MEGE) Master 14 Alameda
Industrial Engineering and Management (MEGI) Master 8 Taguspark
Information Systems and Computer Engineering (MEIC-A) Master 12 Alameda
Information Systems and Computer Engineering (MEIC-T) Master 15 Taguspark
Petroleum Engineering (MEP) Master 19 Alameda
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering (METI) Master 10 Taguspark
Information and Enterprise Systems (MISE) Master 5 Alameda
Mathematics and Applications (MMA) Master 10 Alameda
Microbiology (Microbio) Master 5 Alameda
Territorial Management and Urban Studies (MOTU) Master 0 Alameda
Radiation Protection and Safety (MPSR) Master 5 Alameda
Chemistry (MQ) Master 10 Alameda
Information Security and Cyberspace Law (MSIDC) Master 9 Alameda

Application Fees

In order for the application process to be assessed it is required that the applicants pay the application fee (€ 100) and send the bank transfer slip with the required Documents.
Bank transfer information:
Institution: Instituto Superior Técnico
Bank name: Santander Totta S.A. (IST branch)
IBAN: PT50 0018 000344000867020 17