Lifelong Learning

Técnico attempts to respond to the increasingly demanding professional challenges, imposed by the knowledge society, thus offering a wide range of courses, namely in the fields of science and technology. For further information please contact the Postgraduate Area.

Applications and Registration

Advanced Training Diplomas

Técnico offers several 3rd cycle courses that lead to an Advanced Training Diploma (DFA). The primary target audience of these courses are people who have some professional experience and who wish to deepen their knowledge in technological areas. These diplomas will allow students to keep their professional activity simultaneously.

Courses List 2017–2018:

Curso URL
Risks Assessment, Safety and Reliability (DFAARSF)
Marine Renewable Energies (DFAERM)
Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering (DFAERPQ)
Geotechnics for Civil Engineering (DFAGEC)
Technology Management Entreprise (DFAIEP)
Information Systems (POSI)
Sustainable Energy Systems (DFASSE)
Software and Information Systems Engineering (SISE)

Specialisation Courses

Courses List 2017–2018:

Course URL
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CELSSBB)