BrainStorms@Técnico: “Do you feel like a fraud? How to deal with the Impostor Syndrome?”

Online (Via Zoom)

The Impostor Syndrome: the disorder of people who feel like a fraud.
The Impostor Syndrome is even more common in the academic environment, where the demand for perfection often defies common sense.

The next BrainStorms session will take place on 29th November, at 6.30 p.m. The psychologist and psychotherapist Andreia Santos will talk about this phenomenon and the strategies to deal with the Impostor Syndrome.


BrainStorms is an initiative promoted by the Técnico Student Club on Mental Health and Inclusion, in collaboration with the Academic Development Office (NDA), which consists of monthly conversation series, via Zoom, with mental health and inclusion professionals. At the end, the participants can ask questions and interact with the speaker in a virtual Q&A session.

The past sessions are available at the Student Club on Mental Health and Inclusion youtube channel.