Session to launch the “Manual de Eficiência Energética para a Indústria – Medidas Transversais”

Técnico - Campus Alameda

The General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG, Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia) will hold, on December 11, a public session to launch the “Manual de Eficiência Energética para a Indústria – Medidas Transversais” (Energy Efficiency Manual for Industry – Cross-Cutting Measures), in the Salão Nobre (Central Pavilion, 1st floor – Main building of Técnico Alameda campus).

The Manual, prepared in conjunction with the Instituto Superior Técnico (through Prof. Henrique Matos, Cristina Fernandes and Clemente Pedro Nunes from CERENA, research unit of this institute), combines a technical and economic vision on the subjects with the political vision of framing the theme and the solutions presented. Given that the application of energy efficiency measures is often limited by financial constraints, related to the difficulty of quantifying and securing the savings resulting from the measures implemented, the Manual has filled some gaps related to the conditions of energy use in industrial plants, opportunities to improve equipment and processes and present some technological solutions available.

The event will include the presences of the Secretary of State for Energy, Dr. Jorge Seguro Sanches, and the President and the Vice-President of Técnico, respectively, Prof. Arlindo Oliveira and Prof. Luís Castro.

All interested parties will be able to register here until December 8, with the number of entries limited to the capacity of the Nobel Hall (Salão Nobre).

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