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99 Técnico scientists are among the best in the world according to Stanford study

A study released by Standford University at the end of 2020, puts almost 100 Técnico researchers among the most influential scientists in the world, in various fields.

Ninety-nine Técnico researchers are included in the lists of highly cited researchers worldwide, falling within the top 2% in their respective fields, according to a study carried out by Stanford University (United States of America). The selected authors are presented in the article titled “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators”, published in Public Library of Science Biology (PLOS Biology).

The article, released at the end of 2020, is based on more accurate standardized citation metrics, with the purpose of combating abuse of self-citation. The number of citations allows to assess the impact and consolidated influence of a given scientist or institution in the progress of scientific knowledge. The selection derives from an exhaustive analysis of research data from the mid-1990s to 2019.

The list includes 160,000 researchers from 149 countries in 22 scientific disciplines and 176 subdisciplines. The ranking compiled by John Ioannidis and his team used Scopus, the largest abstract and citation online database of peer-reviewed literature.

Separate data are shown for career-long (updated to the end of 2019) and single-year impact (2019).

The list that focuses on career-long impact (Table-S6-career-2019) includes 385 affiliated with Portuguese institutions, of which 76 are Técnico researchers (some of the names are associated to Universidade de Lisboa and/or to Research Centers), who stand out in many different fields, such as Civil Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, Nuclear Physics, Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, etc.

The other list that focuses on single-year impact throughout 2019 (Table-S7-singleyr-2019) includes almost the same names, plus 23 researchers linked to the school.

The presence of Técnico researchers in the list of the most influential researchers in the world reflects the high quality of scientific production and the excellence of Técnico researchers.

Técnico researchers included in the lists.

The study is available at PLOS Biology website.