AHEAD2020 – 1st Announcement of Opportunity (Visitors Programme call)

Following the participation of the IST research center C2TN – Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies – in the AHEAD 2020 project (Integrated Activities for High-Energy Astrophysics Domain), we hereby announce the AHEAD2020 call for a programme of transnational visits and remote access activities to start in April 2021.

The main objectives are:
1) fostering new or strengthening existing collaborations on science and technology topics in high energy astrophysics (visitor programme);
2) providing training and/or mentoring on high energy data analysis,use of advanced tools, computational astrophysics and multi messenger astronomy;
3) providing free access to some of the best European ground test and calibration facilities relevant for high-energy astrophysics.

Visitor grants include full reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses. To face possible restrictions to travel as effect of the pandemic, the possibility of remote access for a number of services in the area of data analysis, tools and computational astrophysics will be provided.

AO-1 | 1st Announcement of Opportunity:

Applications are open until 22nd February 2021 (17:00 CET).*

*  For activities concerning access to experimental facilities, submission will remain open and proposals can be submitted anytime until August 2023; they will be evaluated typically within one month from delivery.

AHEAD2020 is a Research Infrastructures programme funded by the Horizon 2020 framework programme of the European Union, with the aim of integrating and opening research infrastructures in High Energy Astrophysics, which includes the “XAHRM-Lab” (X-ray Advanced HiREDS -High Resolution Energy Dispersive Spectrometry- Research and Metrology Laboratory) at IST – CTN Campus.