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20th anniversary of Biological Engineering course celebrated with enthusiasm

The event was jointly organised by the Biological Engineering student group at Técnico, the Department of Bioengineering and the Biological Engineering Alumni group and gathered several generations.

The 20th anniversary of Biological Engineering course at Técnico was celebrated this Tuesday, April 3.

Catarina Soares, president of Biological Engineering student group (NEB), was visibly happy to see “so many familiar faces gathered to celebrate this special occasion” and highlighted “the increasing and visible evolution of the course”, as well as “the faculty quality and students’ academic excellence”.

Professor Joaquim Sampaio Cabral, president of the Departament of Bioengineering, addressed the students saying “congratulations to all of you. You are the reason why we always try to do our best and to evolve”. According to the alumna Teresa Rodrigues, who also attended the session “I don’t regret the choice I made 20 years ago. In my experience, what I learnt from Técnico certainly gave me competitive edges in a wide range of situations”.

The organisation team challenged the audience to play Kahoot, an online platform that allowed to create a series of multiple choice questions regarding the past 20 years of the course. At the end a networking session was held, where students had the opportunity to learn more about job opportunities and the labour market.