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“Above all, Técnico helps us to address challenges and seize opportunities”

These are the words from Inês Eusébio, a Técnico alumna, who attended another edition of Alumni Talks and shared her academic and professional journey.

The 9th edition of Alumni Talks took place this Wednesday, December 13. The alumni Inês Eusébio, Head of Insurance Business Unit at Everis Portugal, João Baleizão, Chemical Recovery & Energy Area Manager at The Navigator Company, João Nuno Bento, Executive Director at Novabase, Paulo Jesus, Head of Learning & Innovation at Jerónimo Martins, Paulo Trezentos, Co-founder & CEO of Aptoide, Pedro Guerreiro, Key Account Executive at Apple and Pedro Lobo, Founder and Administrator at Innovagency, were invited to participate in this edition.

Students raised several issues such as how to achieve top positions, what are the opportunities that companies offer to recent graduates and how to make a difference in an increasingly competitive world. “They asked me a lot of things and shared their concerns, such as dealing with constant change and how to make a difference”, said Inês Eusébio. “Your First Job will Not Be Your Dream Job”, said João Baleizão to the audience. “I think you are going to do whatever you want, don’t worry”.

The younger students realised that these remarkable alumni also had the same fears. “It’s not worth much try to predict the future or question the choices they have made”, pointed ou João Baleizão. The web Summit, the growth of Lisbon city in the last few years, the extra-curricular experience and the hobbies were some topics also addressed. “I think that the best advice we can give them is to be happy with what they are going to do, that is the secret of our success”, reiterated Inês Eusébio. “Live the life we really want instead of just surviving is very important. The lack of motivation will kill our talent, knowledge, innovation and ends up killing everything around”, she added.

“I decided to come here because I want to know if what I am doing is right, if my doubts make sense and I think that being here is an excellent opportunity”, explains Catarina Reis, a chemical engineering student. She found out that these alumni “have taken varied career paths” and realised that “My future depends on me”, she said, smiling.

Rafael Belchior, Information Systems and Computer Engineering student, decided to attend once again another edition of the Alumni Talks. “It’s very important to know the background of successful people and to understand what motivated them”, shared the student. “Basically I wanted to know how extracurricular activities helped them to achieve their goals” and, according to Rafael, Pedro Lobo answered his question. “He said that if he knew what he knows today, he would do his course in 8 years rather than in 5. He also recalled the importance of investing time in extracurricular activities for our personal development”. “And that’s the way it is”, underlined the student, “we must know what we can do today, not tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but today, so that in the next two or five years we can be doing exactly what we want”.