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Admission and Career Progression of Researchers and Faculty at Técnico

The contracts signed made official not only the hiring of new faculty but also the promotion to higher career categories.

The inauguration ceremony for researchers and faculty in new career categories and also the admission of new faculty, took place this Friday, February 23. The ceremony was attended by the president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, by the president of the Scientific Council, professor Luís Oliveira e Silva, and the president of the Pedagogic Council, professor Raquel Aires Barros. The president of the Scientific Council stressed the importance of the ceremony in which “we welcome and promote our faculty”, saying that “the school counts on your contributions to maintain the high standards at Técnico”. Professor Raquel Aires Barros expressed her best wishes “to the new positions, because that will be reflected in the results of your work and the success of the school”.

Técnico welcomes three new Full Professors, sixteen new Associate Professors and five new Assistant Professors. Maria Isabel Prudêncio took office as Coordinator Researcher.

At the end of the ceremony, professor Arlindo Oliveira shared his conviction that these group of faculty and researchers will help Técnico to face the new challenges. “The addition of new faculty positions will undoubtedly contribute to improve our national and international projection”.