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Another 13 Técnico professors were inducted into new career categories

The ceremony took place this Thursday, at Abreu Faro Amphitheatre, and was attended by the Heads of Departments.

Following the ceremony held last September, another 13 Técnico professors were inducted into new career categories this Thursday, 22nd October. The ceremony was attended by the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, the Vice-president of Scientific Council (CC), professor Rodrigo Rodrigues, the President of Pedagogical Board (CP), professor Raquel Aires Barros, the Vice president for Administrative Management, professor Helena Ramos and several Heads of IST Departments.

“You should all be proud of this promotion. Now you will face important challenges”, said professor Raquel Aires Barros, who also recalled the educational challenges caused by the pandemic and highlighted the effort carried out at Técnico to minimise the difficulties. “Next year we will have a new challenge: the implementation of MEPP [Educational Model and Teaching Practices], and your contribution will also be very important”.

“The Scientific Council recognises the merit of faculty and researchers. Your presence here today means that the we are taking the right steps. I would also like to ask for your help and contribution so that, now, that you are moving up in your career and acquiring more responsibilities, you may help your younger colleagues to follow this path”, said professor Rodrigo Rodrigues.

“Técnico has the best students in the country, which gives us an increased responsibility, but fortunately we also have the best professors in the country”, said professor Rogério Colaço.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) – Associate Professors: António Grilo, Marko Beko, Paulo Flores, Paulo Lobato Correia and Nuno Roma.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) – Associate Professors: Alfredo Ferreira Júnior and Carlos Martinho.

Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM) – Associate Professors: Paulo Peças and Susana Vieira.

Department of Mathematics (DM) – Associate Professors: Maria do Rosário Silva and Teresa Marques Diogo.

Isabel Marrucho Ferreira (Department of Chemical Engineering – DEQ) and Pedro Resende (DM) are the new Full Professors.