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Business and Technology Week brings dozens of companies to Taguspark campus

The event organised by Técnico students attracted more than 50 companies and included dozens of lectures, debates and activities at Técnico - Taguspark campus.

The 20th edition of the Business and Technology Week (SET) took place from 13th to 16th March, at Taguspark campus, covering a wide range of topics such as entrepreneurship and employability.

João Domingos, coordinator of SET and Master’s student in Computer Science and Engineering, confesses that this is one of the reasons why SET stands out: its location. “It ends up being important not only for us [Técnico students], but also for Oeiras and Taguspark. We are a little far from Lisbon and this event brings companies here”, he stresses.

Several students in different courses – Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management and Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering – could interact with representatives of more than 50 companies willing to share activities, projects, work dynamics and career opportunities. To this end, several lectures, debates or activities, such as quick interviews and team building exercises, were organised. “The Team Building activity was a novelty. We simulated a group dynamic, which nowadays is widely used in company recruitments, to evaluate how people interact in a group, if they can come up with an idea, if they are able to listen to others…”, explains the coordinator of SET.
Thanks to the new IT support team, the organisation encouraged students to use QR Codes to interact with companies.

“Increasing the visibility of SET in the business world”. This is what motivates the organisation, year after year, motivates the organisation to provide students with this opportunity. And this is how the organisation, involving more than 60 members, sees the future of the Business and Technology Week. At the end of the week, after more than two dozen lectures and a dozen activities, the group closes the event shouting together “SET 2023”!