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Carlos Sousa Oliveira and José Manuel Viegas were awarded the title of Emeritus Professor of ULisboa

Professors Carlos Sousa Oliveira and José Manuel Viegas were honoured with the title of Emeritus Professor. The ceremony took place at Técnico congress centre.

Last Tuesday, June 20, the Técnico professors Carlos Sousa Oliveira and José Manuel Viegas (Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources – DECivil) were awarded the title of Emeritus Professor of Universidade de Lisboa (Ulisboa).

The President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, congratulated the distinguished professors and highlighted their contributions and “the service provided to the country and the world”. “This ceremony honours two magnificent careers”, said professor Jorge de Brito, Head of DECivil, and shared that the Department already has three Emeritus Professors, “now, two more professors will join the group”.

A life dedicated to teaching

António Betâmio de Almeida, Técnico professor and Emeritus professor of Ulisboa, and full member of the Portuguese Academy of Engineering, gave a laudatory speech for professor Carlos Sousa Oliveira. An academic life marked by the teaching of multiple subjects, participation in research projects, supervision of master’s and doctoral theses, technical reports and more than two hundred scientific publications, were some of the achievements listed during the speech.

Professor Carlos Sousa Oliveira was Head of DECivil from 2005 to 2006, he held many other positions of high relevance at Técnico, and excelled in the field of seismology, seismic engineering and seismic risk management. He is currently member of Ordem dos Engenheiros, the Portuguese Academy of Engineering and the Lisbon Academy of Sciences.

In recognition of his work, the Portuguese Society of Seismic Engineering (SPES) created the “Carlos Sousa Oliveira” Award, which is delivered every two years, to the authors of the best article published in this field. Professor Carlos Sousa Oliveira stressed the important role of risk perception and data processing in natural disasters, the analysis of problems involving great uncertainties and the impacts of other natural disasters.

A challenging journey

Rosário Macário, professor at DECivil and researcher at CEris – Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability, gave a laudatory speech for professor José Manuel Viegas. “A unique career path”, guided by a long and challenging journey that began many times “like a blank sheet of paper”. The creation of a Master (1987) and a PhD programme in Transportation were some of professor José Manuel Viegas’ most important achievements.

Professor José Manuel Viegas created his own consulting firm in 1992, he was a pioneer in the creation of a fund for the development of higher education and research in transport systems at national level – TRANSPOR. He was the co-creator and first director of TransportNET, a network of leading university groups involved in transport research and high-level education, from several European countries, created in March 2003. He was secretary-general of the ITF (International Transport Forum at the OECD) and Methodological Coordinator of the “Sustainable Mobility for All” project (lead organisation: World Bank). He is currently the Chairman of the Environment and Sustainability Board at EDP.

The Técnico professor highlighted the main principles that have guided his career, praised his mentors, recognised that rugby played a central role in shaping his character and how positive psychology marked his path.

Professor Luís Ferreira, Rector of ULisboa, delivered the closing remarks, followed by greetings to laureates and a music performance by João Marques (violin) and João Soares (guitar), members of TUIST.