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Cryptocurrency, Social Media and mobile Apps: All gathered at SET2018

The Business and Technology Week will run until March 15 at Taguspark campus.


The 15th edition of SET – The Business and Technology Week at Instituto Superior Técnico started this Monday, March 12, and will run until March 15 at Taguspark campus.

Professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico, attended the opening session and stressed the importance of such events: “These events involve a lot of work and they are very important both for your training and the image of Técnico outside”.

SET aims to forge contacts with companies, share the experiences of professionals and help students to find job opportunities. According to the president of Técnico, this year’s edition offers “a relevant programme for students” in the areas of technology and management.

This event, which lasts four days and is part of Técnico Career Weeks, will allow students to participate in workshops, attend companies presentations, lectures and debates on different topics.

Artur Goulão Ferreira, CTO and co-founder of, João Ribeiro, director at and João Vieira dos Santos, FinTech lawyer, participated in a debate on “Cryptocurrency & Blockchain”. For about one hour, the three talked about the blockchain as a “disruptive and innovative technology,” its “consequences” (such as the cryptocurrency), and the opportunities and challenges that will arise.

According to João Ribeiro “the difference between traditional database and a blockchain is the same as the difference between Google Docs and a Word document”. “You can make changes in a word document that was sent to you and then send it back. In Google Drive everyone can access Google Docs and make changes at the same time – and there’s a big difference: nothing can’t be deleted.”

Jerónimo Martins, Unbabel, Novabase and Synopsys are some of the companies that will attend the event. This year’s edition will have “more workshops, more lectures and more students”, as expected by the organising committee.