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First edition of the Worten Merit Award in Warehouse and Materials Management

The award of €1550 was delivered last Friday afternoon, March 25, at a ceremony held at Taguspark campus.

A group of five students from Técnico – Taguspark campus, won the first edition of the Worten Merit Award in Warehouse and Materials Management. The challenge was to find a solution to improve Worten’s warehouse operations.

The Industrial Engineering and Management MSc students Guilherme São Pedro, Jorge Mira, Jessica Roberts, Mariana da Silva and Vitor Ferreira, created a project that focus on service automation that aims “to ensure the best possible response during peak demand, like Christmas and Black Friday”.

The award was delivered by two Worten representatives: engineer Hugo Alexandre, Supply Chain Management, and engineer Afonso Barroso, Area Coordinator. Engineer Hugo Alexandre stressed the importance of the partnership between Técnico and Worten, which made this award possible: “We are delivering this merit award for the first time. In the future, we want to provide more means and resources, both for teaching and research activities”.

“This is a happy partnership that I hope will continue for a long time. It represents the culmination of a path that had already begun a few years ago”, said professor Susana Relvas, senior lecturer of “Warehouse and Materials Management” course unit. According to Guilherme São Pedro “this award shows that hard work is always worth the effort, and that companies and Técnico recognise our work”.

Worten also awarded a monetary donation to the Department of Engineering and Management (DEG). According to professor Ana Póvoa, Head of DEG, the monetary donation will be used to improve the course units, namely the “Warehouse and Materials Management”. “This donation is very important because it will allow us to improve teaching quality”.

The Vice-president for the management of Taguspark campus, professor Helena Galhardas, congratulated the award-winning students, thanked the DEG professors and the Técnico partnership network.

Besides several joint initiatives, the partnership between Técnico and Worten, foresees the construction of the Logistics Lab at Técnico -Taguspark campus.