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FST Lisboa ensures participation in the largest European Formula Student competition

This is the 5th time that the FST team participates in Formula Student Germany (FSG).

The Formula Student Team at Técnico, FST Lisboa, will once again compete in Formula Student Germany (FSG). This will be the 5th participation of FST Lisboa in the largest European Formula Student competition. According to the team leader André Correia, participating in FSG is very important since “our cars are specially designed for this competition”.

The effort of the teams starts long before the cars enter the tracks. In order to guarantee their presence in the competitions, the team members must answer a quiz that includes engineering questions and questions about competition rules. “The qualification of the teams is defined by the number of correct answers and the time spent answering”, explains André Correia. “This year, the competition took place online. In previous years, the quiz was done with the whole team in the same room, but this year it was held virtually, each one in their home, which makes communication between members much more difficult”, adds the Técnico student.

Due to the pandemic, the number of places in the competition was reduced to less than half. Even so, the Técnico team managed to ensure its presence at the FSG with two cars: FST 10e and FST 10d.

The calendar is not yet closed, since the selection phases of some competitions are still going on, but FST Lisboa will also participate in the Spanish competition (Catalonia circuit) for the 7th consecutive time.

The cancellation of 2020 competitions allowed the team to have more time to test the autonomous car. “We want to score in all competition challenges of autonomous category”, says André Correia. “With regard to the electric car, we aim to overcome its predecessor FST 09e, which reached the Top 9 in the German competition”, adds the team leader.