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Futurália brings together hundreds of visitors interested in Técnico

During four days, students, families and teachers had the opportunity to learn more about the academic programmes, extracurricular projects and campus life.

Portugal’s biggest education and professional training fair – Futurália – is back. Thousands of visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the different higher education institutions and their academic programmes.

From 30th March to 2nd April, basic and secondary school students met Técnico students at ULisboa exhibition stand, and were able to clarify their doubts about the different academic programmes and student life. “I haven’t decided yet what I really want to study at university. I have a lot of doubts, so I thought it would be good to come here”, says Bárbara Ribeiro, 12th grade student.

The Técnico Ambassadors and NAPE students provided information about the academic programmes and the extracurricular activities. “We were able to explain what a day in the life of a Técnico student is like”, says the NAPE student Marta Bártolo. “This type of events, which foster human interactions, are very important to clarify students’ doubts and to complement the information available online”, says Ivo Vilela, Técnico ambassador.

FST Lisboa, TLMoto, GameDevTécnico and NEECIST captivated students’ attention. In addition to technical aspects, the Técnico students explained how these projects can complement the academic path. “The project helped us not only to understand how to build a motorcycle from scratch and all the different steps involved, but also to improve communication and teamwork skills, among others”, points out Sofia Silva, member of TLMoto. “We are all Técnico students and we want to show our visitors that the student life isn’t just studying. There are other interesting things we can do”, adds Daniela Machado, member of GameDevTécnico team.

Professor Luís Correia (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) captivated visitors’ interest in telecommunications by using a device for measuring the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones. “I noticed that the presence of researchers and professors in these types of events is fundamental to improve students’ experience”, said the Técnico professor.

Families, guardians, psychologists and teachers also visited Futurália. “Bárbara has always been very fond of engineering areas, she chose Science and Technology in the 10th grade, but she became interested in Arts in the 11th grade. Now we realised that the Architecture degree at Técnico requires Mathematics A exam, so it seems to us to be the right option”, says Bárbara Ribeiro’s guardian.

Before applying to Técnico, secondary school students can learn more about Técnico through ISTo É Técnico, Técnico Open Day (Alameda campus), individual online tours or conversations, Qualifica (Porto) and OPTO (Albufeira).