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Hovione renews and awards new scholarships to Técnico students

The Hovione Scholarship programme - “Hovione Solidária na Educação” – renews the scholarship of two students and extends the support to two other students.

Hovione will award two new scholarships to Inês Martins (Biomedical Engineering) and Gilda Carvalho (Chemical Engineering) and will renew the scholarships to Ricardo Dias and Ana Oliveira, both Chemical Engineering students. The virtual ceremony took place last Tuesday, 30th March. The scholarship holders are aware of the importance of this support and expressed their gratitude to Hovione.

“I have been a Hovione scholarship holder since the first year, which is a great privilege for me. Hovione is supporting my cycle of studies, which provides my parents a great financial aid and I am very grateful for that”, said Ana Oliveira. “It has truly been a pleasure and a pride to have this scholarship. It has helped me a lot with my expenses as a displaced student. This support allowed me to focus only in my studies and for that reason I was able to improve my grades”, says Ricardo Dias.

“I have always considered myself very fortunate to be able to continue studying and to study at Instituto Superior Técnico. I value my family efforts so that I could continue my studies. But I also feel a strong desire to repay this effort and start being independente, so this scholarship will be a great help”, said Gilda Carvalho. “In addition, being a scholarship holder will help maintain my motivation and organisation for another atypical semester, so this could not have come at a better time”, she added.

Inês Martins had “a feeling of relief and extreme happiness”, when she knew that she had won a Hovione scholarship. “I felt that this scholarship is the recognition of my academic merit and my effort,” said the student. “On the other hand, it also motivates me to work harder, to fight for my dreams and my goals”, she added.

“I feel that you spoke from your heart and I thank you very much for that”, said the Hovione representative, engineer Sebastião Villax. “The Portuguese universities are the main source of human capital. They are crucial for students’ development and professional success. Instituto Superior Técnico is proof of that: it’s a highly prestigious institution at national level and abroad”, he added. Through these scholarships, Hovione aims to “recognise the importance of Portuguese higher education, supporting these students so that they can maximize their potential”, said engineer Sebastião Villax.

Professor Alexandre Francisco, Vice-president of Técnico for Academic Affairs, thanked Hovione for recognising the merit of Técnico students: “It’s very important for us to see the merit of our students being recognised, and to be part of these initiatives that support students who, otherwise, would have greater difficulties in continuing their studies, particularly during pandemic times, when difficulties tend to increase. I am sure that our students will make the most of Hovione scholarships”.

Engineer Hélder Delgado, Sustainability Specialist at Hovione, professor Teresa Duarte, Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ), professor Isabel Marujo, Vice president of DEQ for Scientific Affairs, professor Cláudia Lobato da Silva, Assistant coordinator of Integrated Master Programme in Biomedical Engineering and Isabel Gonçalves, Coordinator of the Academic Development Unit (NDA), also attended the virtual ceremony.