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IST Press publishes the 3rd edition of the book “Engenharia de Processos de Separação“

The book was revised and improved in this 3rd edition.

IST Press published the 3rd edition of the book “Engenharia de processos de Separação“, by Edmundo Gomes de Azevedo and Ana Maria Alves.

This book is intended for bachelor and master degree students of Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biotechnology and related areas. The book can be used as a manual in Separation Processes curricular unit. It is also intended for professionals who want to broaden and consolidate their knowledge in this area.

The book covers the fundamental principles of Thermodynamics and Mass Transfer applied to different types of processes, with special emphasis on the following processes: distillation, absorption and desorption, liquid-liquid extraction and evaporation.

All topics are presented in a clear and accurate way, using intuitive and user-friendly nomenclature. The book is profusely illustrated, which helps readers gain a better understanding.

Each chapter contains fully solved problems that illustrate the concepts and techniques presented, including at the end, a wide variety of unsolved problems. The numerical solutions of these problems are presented in appendix.

Data phase equilibrium diagrams (PDF Format) are available at, which will be useful to solve many of the problems presented at the end of each chapter. A set of pictures in PowerPoint format is also available and ready to be used in class presentations.

All problems included in this revised edition were re-evaluated and improved.