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“ISTO É” reaches thousands of students who are about to enter university

The COVID-19 pandemic and the containment measures caused the suspension of several face-to-face activities. In these circumstances, the Student Support Unit at Técnico (NAPE) organised “ISTO É” – a virtual event that consisted of three activities: “ISTO É” podcasts, “ISTO É Técnico” and “ISTO É Conversa!”, which aimed to support the future Técnico students.

The first steps were taken with the creation of “ISTO É” podcast. Taking advantage of this increasingly popular audio format, it was possible to address important topics and issues for future students. “ISTO É” podcast included 21 episodes on training offer and academic experiences at Técnico, among other topics. Several members of the school community shared their experience. In total, 53 students, 10 professors and 23 student groups participated in this podcast that includes 4 hours and 25 minutes of good content.

“ISTO É Técnico” started last May, during the celebrations of Técnico’s 109th anniversary, lasting until the first week of June. Students, professors, researchers, staff and alumni shared their experiences of studying at Técnico, activities developed and career paths. Several sessions took place via Zoom, which allowed students to contact with Técnico students, professors and alumni. In total, 637 students registered for “ISTO É Técnico”, which comprised 18 sessions dedicated to courses and 6 talks.

After the first edition focused on access to higher education and Técnico, NAPE decided to organise “ISTO É Técnico – Masters Edition”, which provided students with information about the 2nd cycle and the 33 master’s programes offered at Técnico. The Masters Edition included 8 sessions on the different master’s programes and 2 information sessions on the admission process, held in collaboration with the Admissions Office. 243 students registered for this event.

In order to provide a more personalized support to higher education candidates, NAPE launched the activity “ISTO É Conversa!” which was held via Zoom, with a small number of participants. In an informal conversation the, potential candidates have the opportunity to learn more about the academic offer, projects, campi and support, and, at the same time, get a first-hand testimony of the experience of current students. 28 sessions were held until 22nd July 2020, involving 53 participants.

“ISTO É”, shows once again the academic community cohesion and a great spirit of collaboration. Professor António Cruz Serra, Rector of Universidade de Lisboa and former President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, President of Técnico, Francisco Santos, President of AEIST participated in this virtual event, as well as several student groups, academic “tunas”, Técnico Ambassadors, alumni, the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NCMI), the Admissions Office and several professors from the school departments.