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Lisbon Rotary Club continues to support Técnico students

The collaboration protocol between Técnico and the Lisbon Rotary Club was renewed. The two scholarships awarded last year will be renewed.

“I am truly grateful for this scholarship, which has been crucial. This scholarship renewal will positively impact my future”, said Nuno Matos, one of the recipients of the Lisbon Rotary Club (LRC) scholarship programme. The collaboration protocol between Técnico and LRC was renewed this Tuesday, 28th September and should continue supporting the two Técnico students.

The signing ceremony took place at the Lisbon Rotary Club and was attended by the president of the LRC, Dr Rita Simões, the Vice-president of Técnico for Administrative Modernization, professor Isabel Ribeiro, some members of the LRC and the two scholarship holders, Nuno Matos (Aerospace Engineering), and Miguel Amorim (Industrial Engineering and Management).

“Education is in fact the most important investment a country can make in its future”, said the president of the LRC. “We should invest in people with great potential to transform the society”, she added. According to Dr. Rita Simões, these scholarships reward the merit of the two students, but also “the involvement with the RCL in the previous year, which we are grateful for.”

The scholarship programme has been renamed “Palmira e Joaquim Vidal Matoso”, in honour of the patron’s parents. In an emotional speech, engineer Rui Vidal Matoso – the patron and Técnico alumnus, and also member of LRC – highlighted “this scholarship programme is a tribute to everything my parents did for me, namely the education they gave me. These scholarships reward the merit, work and effort of these students”.

Professor Isabel Ribeiro thanked LRC and the patron family for the scholarship renewal, and highlighted the good academic performance of both Técnico students. Quoting Paulo Freire, professor Isabel Ribeiro recalled “education changes people and people transform the world”.

“This scholarship has allowed me to come to Lisbon and understand what I really like”, said Miguel Amorim. “I feel motivated, but in a different way, which reflects on my academic performance”, added the Industrial Engineering and Management student.