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Martim Lancastre scholarships: “We believe that people’s education is the most powerful investment in life”

The signing ceremony took place this Tuesday at the Civil Engineering Museum.

The first Martim Lancastre Scholarship was delivered this Tuesday, February 1, to the Técnico student José Contreras Lopes (Mechanical Engineering – 1st year). The signing ceremony took place at Alameda campus – Civil Engineering Museum, and was attended by the scholarship patron, the Vice president of Técnico for Academic Affairs, professor Alexandre Francisco, the Head of IST Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM), professor Pedro Coelho and the Coordinator of the Technology Transfer Office (TT Tecnico), Carla Patrocínio.

“This scholarship will help me to pursue my studies without having financial worries, which is very good”, says José Contreras Lopes. “I hope I’m up to this challenge and honour this scholarship’s name, not only for its monetary value but, above all, for the history behind it”.

“I am very pleased to see the outstanding academic achievement of our students being recognised through this scholarship”, said professor Alexandre Francisco.

The scholarship patron, Diogo Chalbert, addressed his first words to the scholarship holder. “We were very much impressed with your academic achievements and your training as an individual and a man”, he said.

“This scholarship is a way of honouring the memory of Martim, and rewarding academic merit. We believe that people’s education is the most powerful investment in life”, said Diogo Chalbert.

Pedro Lancastre remembered the importance of Técnico in his son’s dreams. “Martim had the dream of studying at Técnico, we talked a lot about it. He was a good student so there was a good chance he would end up here”, he said. “Although he is not here physically, I’m sure he’s with us, and he will accompany you on this adventure”.

Martim Lancastre lost his life in a car accident in 2021. He dreamt of studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management at Técnico. Martim’s family decided to support other young people in achieving their dreams. The scholarship programme was launched in the current academic year (2021/2022) and will support students (Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management) of recognised merit who demonstrate financial needs, through annual scholarships worth €3,700.