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McKinsey & Company workshops attract dozens of students on both campuses

The sessions were held on different dates at Alameda and Taguspark campuses and focused on career opportunities.

McKinsey & Company organised two workshops at Técnico: Alameda campus (October 4) and Taguspark campus (October 17). Over 130 students attended the workshops and had the opportunity to learn more about the company, which is part of Técnico Partner Network.

The sessions attracted students from different fields of engineering, who clarified their doubts about the methods of recruitment and selection at McKinsey & Company, the company’s culture and the lifestyle of a consultant.

Engineer Nuno Meneses participated in the session held at Taguspark campus and highlighted that “people are free to find their own way at McKinsey”. As proof of that, the company offers its employees the possibility of working in different areas, in different countries and with people of different nationalities.

At the end of both sessions, the students highlighted the importance of this event because now they have a clear idea of what is like working at McKinsey & Company. According to the company’s consultants, Técnico students are a reference to McKinsey & Company due to their “high quality training”.