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Pedagogical Council presents 2019/2020 assessment report (2nd semester)

The document provides important data and testimonies about last semester, namely the distance learning model that the school adopted quickly and with great results.

On 9th March 2020, the Técnico community received an email from its president informing that in-person classes were suspended indefinitely due to the evolution of the pandemic situation in national territory. It was necessary to react quickly, so as not to undermine students and their learning process. In just one week, Técnico changed from in-person to remote classes. Teaching methodologies and assessment were adapted to the remote model.

This capacity for adaptation and the results achieved are included in the report prepared by the Pedagogical Council and now released to the community. The document also includes the results of the survey launched to students and professors on distance learning, but also the strategies adopted that allowed to continue not only teaching but also student assessment, as well as the lessons learned.

The report (only available in Portuguese) includes contributions from course coordinators, professors and students. Besides summing up the 2019-2020 semester, the report analyses the impact of Covid-19 on academic performance and on the quality of curricular units, allowing the entire community to reflect on our post-pandemic teaching model.