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Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico: The bridge between talent and job market

The 2-day event allows students to have a better perception of their value.

SparkAgency organised the 12th PicthBootcamp@Técnico on 27th and 28th September at Taguspark campus. The event brought together about 120 students who learnt how to market themselves in their job search.

The first day was dedicated to analyse the participants’ individual trajectory. Evoking Socrates’ maxim – “Know thyself” – Miguel Gonçalves – CEO of SparkAgency – produces amazingly impressive results on participants. Through straight words and challenging exercises, he mitigates concerns and insecurities. “You have a huge advantage: you studied at Técnico. This is a valuable input that should not make you arrogant, but it’s something that you should never underestimate”, he stressed.

The highlight of the first day was the “Lessons Learned” panel, where students have the opportunity to see the results of hard work through the experience and audacity of the guest speakers: Rui Teixeira from EDP, João Alves from EY and José Luís Teixeira from Jerónimo Martins. The guest speakers shared their experiences and talked about the challenges for professionals: industry 4.0, automation, the demands of leadership and the need to balance work and personal life.

“I give my best in everything I do. Not because I think I’m the smartest, but because I think that if I always try to be the best, I’ll probably succeed”, said Rui Teixeira. “My basic premise is: There’s nothing wrong with getting something wrong. Our company has grown immensely in recent years because we have lost the fear of making mistakes”, stressed João Alves. According to José Luís Teixeira “the desire to learn more” is what makes the difference. “Learning is a continuous act”, he added.

Beatriz Barata is a Chemical Engineering 5th year student, and now she begins to realise the importance of “what I have to offer companies and what they are looking for?”. “During this first day I learnt to have more confidence and to value the skills I acquired outside Técnico”, she confesses. According to Beatriz Carvalho and Madalena Beatriz, Biological Engineering 5th year students: “I think these conversations, and the advice they give us, can help me to find good ideas for the challenges ahead”, says Beatriz Carvalho. “This first day was key to understand what sets us apart from others”, says Madalena Beatriz. “I think that what lacks us is this ability to show what we worth and I think Pitch Bootcamp puts us to the test and helps us in this sense”, she adds.

André Alves, Information Systems and Computer Engineering 2nd year student, is one of the youngest participants. He decided to sign up because he wants “to learn more about the job market as soon as possible”. “If, at this moment, I have a future perspective, that will help me not only to study hard but also to enrich my CV”, he adds. “Everything I’ve heard here today and all the exercises that I’ve done have helped me a lot”, says André Alves. He feels a little anxious for tomorrow but he is eager to learn: “Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico is an opportunity to learn to grow”, he adds.

The second day allowed participants to contact with the companies representatives. The students had the opportunity to present their career perspectives, their ambitions and what makes them different from others. After these pitch presentations the students were praised and got useful tips from the jury.