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Project “Engenharia nas Escolas de Oeiras” brings the magic of Science and Technology to students

This project is a result of the memorandum of understanding signed between Instituto Superior Técnico and Oeiras Municipality.

Learning to think, making a video game, facing various challenges using an Arduino simulator, learning Java programming language, are just some experiences included in the project “Engenharia nas Escolas de Oeiras”, developed by Instituto Superior Técnico – Taguspark campus and Oeiras City Hall (CMO).

The project, which aims at promoting scientific literacy, will provide students with opportunities to solve engineering problems and challenges, to attend thematic lectures, to participate in engineering tournaments and in learning workshops.

The project comprises 7 activities aimed at students attending 3rd cycle of basic education and secondary education (all schools in Oeiras municipality, listed in Oeiras Educa are included). “The school must enroll its students in one of the activities”, explains professor Rui Prada, member of the Management Committee of Taguspark Campus and project coordinator.

“Some activities such as Arduino Workshop, Java Programming Workshop and Game Design Workshop are already available this November”, says professor Rui Prada.

The pandemic has forced to redefine the initial plan. The activities will take place online. Professor Rui Prada hopes that this will change soon, and that “students can develop these activities, in person, at Taguspark campus”.

“It’s very important that schools promote the contact between students and Engineering. These activities will allow students to build real things – including digital technology – and understand how they work”, highlights the professor. “I believe that this will stimulate students’ curiosity and motivation. Nowadays, young people have many resources available to learn engineering, if they have the right motivation”, he adds.