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PSEM wins three awards at the F24+ international final

Técnico students won the Siemens Digital Award, which rewards the team that develops the best electronic solutions.

The team led by Inês Agulheiro – PSEM – ranked 7th at the F24+ international final, among 30 international teams and won the Siemens Digital Award. “PSEM has clearly been gaining prominence year after year, both for the results achieved and the number of awards”, says Inês Agulheiro.

PSEM reached the top 10 and ranked 7th with its new prototype, the GP17.EVO, piloted by the project leader. Before the international finals held on 5th and 6th October, the team had already participated in four F24 + championships in September, which gave them more confidence. ”The results that we achieved throughout these competitions gave us confidence. We are very pleased because this is the recognition of a lot of work”.

Off the track, the GP17.EVO surprised the jury, which allowed PSEM to win the Siemens Digital Award. The GP17.EVO presented the best electronic solutions and an innovative telemetry and control system.

The team is composed of 25 students from different courses. A new project will be launched in 2019 – the GP19. “One of the goals we set for ourselves next season is taking 2 cars – GP17.EVO and GP19 – to the competitions”. The team’s goal is to improve the prototype and continue testing the battery life throughout the year and also to build a car from scratch.

PSEM won three other awards in September: the IET Engineering Award, the Siemens Digital Award (Aintree Heat) and the Spirit of Greenpower Award (Castle Combe). “We brought home 6 awards in just one year, almost as many as we have won since the project started” says the team leader. 2018 was a truly memorable year for PSEM, which raises expectations for next year. “A challenge that we believe is within our reach”, says Inês Agulheiro.