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Student Experience@ Técnico makes students aware of the importance of student groups throughout the academic journey

Members of Técnico student groups attended the session and draw the attention of 1st year students.

The pilot edition of “Student Experience@ Técnico” took place this Tuesday, April 9th, and brought together members of Técnico student groups and 1st year students.

According to professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira, Vice-president of Técnico for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations, “we asked several Técnico alumni, who are currently successful professionals, what useful advice they would give to 1st year students. The answers were almost the same: to be part of student groups”.

Catarina Amaro (NEECIST), Vicente Pinto (TUIST), Gil Coelho (Junitec), Cristina Pinto (NEB) and Henrique Karas (FST Lisboa) shared their experience on what is like to be part of student groups and the work developed in each student group. “FST Lisboa’s main goal is to help students become good engineers. We work hard but we also have a lot of fun”, said the Formula Student team leader.

“Being part of these student groups will allow you to learn new things about yourself that otherwise you might not discover” said Vicente Pinto. Catarina Pinto stressed that “a lot of things would never happen to me if I didn’t join a student group. I learnt a lot of things”.

The members of Técnico student groups highlighted some advantages of being part of a student group: cooperation, personal evolution, the ability to communicate, the absence of hierarchy and the value of new ideas. “Working towards a common goal allows bonding. The curious thing is that when I’ve got free time I go to Junitec because that’s where I feel at home”, confessed Gil Coelho.

“Having less time doesn’t mean that you work less. You become much more productive”, said Cristina Pinto. “We must renounce some things and accept all the implications of our choices”, said Henrique Karas. “We will not lie to you. Being part of a student group requires a lot of time, but it will help you to improve your time management skills”, said Gil Coelho.