Campus and Community

Taguspark welcomes about 240 new students in a familiar atmosphere

Several activities were held during the week at Taguspark campus aiming to a more rapid and effective integration.

During all week about 240 students were welcomed with great enthusiasm by a group of mentors who clarified their doubts, helped them in many ways and calmed their fears, noting that “a year full of work lies ahead”.

Francisca Galhardas was fascinated about Industrial Engineering and Management at Técnico. “Once this is one of the best engineering schools, it was obviously my first choice”, she declares. Visibly happy but also thoughtful she says “I am expecting to learn very much, to work hard but also to reach her goals”.

Filipe Gomes de Sousa chose Técnico because “it’s a school of excellence”, but first he tried to understand if the course met his expectations. He had his mind clear since high school and, after an exhaustive search, he realised that Information Systems and Computer Engineering at Técnico “was different from the other universities” and he was “very pleased”. He was always a good student: 19,3 was his average grade. He was always a very focused and dedicated student, so he is prepared to overcome the challenges at Técnico.

The students were very pleased about “the familiar atmosphere felt on the campus, because it is smaller and everyone knows each other”, says Filipe. Francisca agrees and adds “we already felt this atmosphere during this week”. Both students participated in several activities, including the welcome session that was attended by professor Luís Correia, the Vice-president for the management of Taguspark campus.