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Talent Search Meeting with Kearney helped dispel myths about consulting

Several Técnico alumni who currently work at Kearney participated in the meeting and shared their experience.

About two dozen Técnico students attended Kearney‘s Talent Search Online Meeting held this Thursday, November 26th. The students had the opportunity to learn more about the consulting firm and clarify their doubts with seven Técnico alumni who work at Kearney.

Ana Pedrosa, Principal at Kearney and Civil Engineering alumna, made a brief presentation of the company, her work areas and her current projects. “We are very proud of our partnership with Técnico that lasts many years. We have a strong presence of Técnico alumni at Kearney and they will answer all your questions today”, she said.” We want to know your doubts about the company, the consulting career, thr work we do, recruitment process”, she added.

Bárbara Simões, Associate and Applied Mathematics alumna; Duarte Mendes de Almeida, Senior Business Analyst and Biomedical alumnus; Manuel Melo, Senior Business Analyst and Electrical and Computer Engineering alumnus; André Neves, Business Analyst and Mechanical Engineering alumnus; and Simão Correia, Business Analyst and Engineering Physics alumnus, answered the students doubts.

“Deep down the most important is that you understand what you want to do, the professional lifestyle you want to have, the challenges you would like to deal with”, said André Neves. “Being an engineer is much more broader than your area of specialisation, it means having the ability to look at a problem and try to solve it with skill and inteligence. I have always believed that in order to become a good engineer we have to be curious, and the truth is that this also applies in the consulting area”, adds the alumnus.

“At Kearney we learn about many things, which allows us to work in many fields,” said Simão Correia.

“I hope that this meeting has helped you to have a clearer idea of what it is like to work at Kearney’s challenging environment”, said Sofia Mira, representative of the human resources and recruitment at Kearney.

The Talent Search Meetings are part of Técnico’s Young Talents Recruitment Programme (Talents@Técnico), promoted by the Technology Transfer Office (TT@Técnico).