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TecInnov Social Innovation supports projects that make positive impact on society.

The information session was attended by Luís Cardoso Botelho, representing BPI, the bank that supports this initiative.

An information session on TecInnov Social Innovation, a competition that aims to support engineering innovative projects, took place this Tuesday, 12th March. Professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira, Vice-president of Técnico for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations, presented TecInnov Social Innovation – 1st edition BPI and clarified the students doubts. Luís Cardoso Botelho, Director of BPI , and the Directors of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory at Técnico, also attended the session. “We want to improve society through these supports”, said professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira. “Our goal is that, 6 months from now, we meet again so you can tell us what have you done and how it benefits society”, explained the Vice-president.

According to professor Ana Carvalho and professor Miguel Amaral, Directors of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory at Técnico, “the creation of this laboratory arose from the need to involve engineering students in social issues”, as highlighted by professor Ana Carvalho. “The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory will give support to your projects by providing you free access to the laboratory facilities, among many other things”, said professor Miguel Amaral. “We are a sort of interlocutors between you and the key decision makers”, stressed professor Miguel Amaral.

“This partnership with Técnico, which is now 20 years old, is very important for us and has been very fruitful for both parties” pointed out the Director of BPI. “BPI likes to support innovative ideas that can add value to society. Over the years we have been supporting projects to make Portuguese society more equal, and for that reason, we actively support this initiative”, highlighted Luís Cardoso Botelho.

The deadline to apply for TecInnov Social Innovation – 1st edition BPI is 17th March. A maximum of € 2,500 will be given to each selected project. BPI is part of Técnico Partner Network.