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Técnico student wins Portugal Air Summit Award 2019

The project “Técnicas de Controlo Incremental de Aeronaves”, developed by Nuno Guerreiro earned him the 1st place.

The master’s thesis project titled “Técnicas de Controlo Incremental de Aeronaves” by Nuno Guerreiro, earned him the Portugal Air Summit Award 2019, amounting to €2,500 euros. The award was delivered at the greatest aeronautical summit in Europe, held on 1st June.

Nuno Guerreiro highlights two characteristics of his work: innovation and sustainability. “Firstly, this is an innovative project because these control techniques are relatively recent and have been attracting the scientific community. Regarding the implementation of these techniques, successful flight tests have already been carried out by TU Delft and TU München students, therefore efforts have been made to build a stronger theoretical framework. My project is partly focused on this theoretical framework”. “Secondly, this is a project that promotes sustainability, once it reduces the time and money that are currently spent in obtaining a very reliable aircraft”, explains Nuno Guerreiro.

Although being aware of the value of his work, the Mechanical Engineering student didn’t imagine to rank 1st. “I always believed that my project had great potential, as well as professor Alexandra Moutinho, my master’s thesis supervisor. The support of my friends during the event made me believe I could win” he says. “I share this award with them”, says Nuno Guerreiro.

The Técnico student was pleased and proud of winning this prestigious award: ” It’s very good to get your work recognized. This award is a confidence vote and motivates me to go further in my research”. The willingness to go further and to learn more makes Nuno Guerreiro quite sure about the future: “I know that I want to continue learning and studying non-linear control systems, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, because I can combine my passion for mathematics with the control principles of complex systems”.

This was the first edition of Portugal Air Summit Award, which “aims to recognize projects that stand out for particularly relevant and innovative intervention in the area of Aerospace Science and / or Culture”, strengthening the link between the Academy and young people.