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The Navigator Company awards its first scholarship

The signing ceremony was attended by engineer João Paulo Oliveira, executive board member at The Navigator Company.

Rui Pereira Ventura, Mechanical Engineering student, is the first student awarded with a scholarship from The Navigator Company. The signing ceremony, held this Wednesday – December 12, was attended by the scholarship recipient, the President of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, the Vice-president for Academic Affairs, professor Fátima Montemor, the Vice-president for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations, professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira and the Executive Board Member at The Navigator Company, engineer João Paulo Oliveira.

Rui Pereira Ventura took the opportunity to thank The Navigator Company for this scholarship and highlighted its importance: “This scholarship is very important to me because it gives my parents some financial breathing space. It is also a motivation so that I can achieve my goals”, said Rui Pereira Ventura. “I have always admired The Navigator Company, so I am very glad to have this opportunity and I want to make the best possible use of it”, he added.

Professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira, explained that one of the goals of this scholarship is exactly “to strengthen the link between the scholarship recipients and the company”. “This scholarship will financially support the student during the 1st cycle”, highlighted the Vice-president of IST.

This scholarship aims to support students “recognised for outstanding academic achievement and whose social situation justifies the granting of a scholarship”. The Navigator Company is part of Técnico Partner Network and collaborates with Técnico in many areas, namely the Industry 4.0.