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The new members of IST Taguspark Management Committee take office

The ceremony took place this Thursday, 23rd January, at IST Taguspark campus.

The new members of IST Taguspark Management Committee took office this Thursday, 23rd January, at IST Taguspark campus. The ceremony brought together Técnico faculty, researchers and staff of the three campuses as well as some partners of IST.

The new management committee is composed of:
• Professor Helena Galhardas – President
• Professor Ana Moura Santos – Student Mobility and Student Support
• Professor João Paulo Carvalho – Infrastructures
• Professor Maria Luísa Coheur – Academic Services and Library
• Professor Susana Relvas – Human Resources, Organisation and Research
• Professor Rui Prada, who will be responsible for the informatics couldn’t attend the ceremony and will take office later.

The president of Pedagogic Board, professor Raquel Aires Barros, praised the new members and shared her experience as a Board member over the past 8 years. “I must say that it was a challenge and a privilege to be part of a project in which I believe”. Professor Raquel Aires Barros also highlighted that “it involves a lot of dedication, courage, commitment and requires that we manage work and family life”. “People are, in fact, the most important. They must be respected and involved in the projects”, she added. The professor wished all new members “a lot of success, energy and optimism”.

“Most of you don’t know that I used to come here before this building was built. I used to come here to see the space where nowadays stands IST Taguspark campus”, said professor Helena Galhardas, who also recalled her first years as a professor at the campus. “After 18 years this campus has gained a whole new dimension. We have a lot of opportunities at IST Taguspark campus and we must take full advantage of them”, she added.

Professor Helena Galhardas thanked the president of Técnico for the trust placed in the new members and said a special word of thanks to the staff: “Thank you for always being here, fighting against the odds. I am counting on you to help me making IST Taguspark campus an even greater campus”.

“IST Taguspark campus is an opportunity and we must take the most of it”, said the president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço. “My duty as president is to value the work of all people who, somehow, contributed and still contribute to make this campus what it is today”, he added. Despite all financial limitations, professor Rogério Colaço reiterated “I want to improve this campus, in collaboration with our partners, as well as the other IST campuses. This is my plan and I will commit myself to it”, said the president of Técnico.

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