Campus and Community

“The only certainty I had was that I wanted to go to Técnico”

These are the words by Diogo Pinheiro, a new student who participated in the welcome session.

The welcome week to the new students began this Monday. Several mentors welcomed hundreds of students who had the opportunity to meet new colleagues and professors, to learn more about some curricular and extracurricular activities and to visit Alameda campus. During the day the students shared their expectations of “entering the best engineering school in the country”.

Today, the welcome session was addressed to the new students of Aerospace Engineering, Physics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Computation, the four courses with the highest average admission grades in the National Competition for Access to Higher Education.

Vasco Pinhão, a new student of Physics Engineering, explains how physics always “fascinated” him and that “choosing Técnico to study was obvious. It is the best school”, he said.

Mathematics “as a science” has always fascinated Duarte Nascimento, so it wasn’t difficult for him to choose a course. He is one of the 35 new students of Applied Mathematics and Computation. What attracted him most was the curricular plan of the course: “I am aware that this curricular plan will allow me to learn much more”. Diogo Ribeiro and Duarte will be colleagues. Applied Mathematics and Computation was Diogo’s second option. “I am sure that this will also be a great opportunity”. According to him, “the only certainty I had was that I wanted to go to Técnico”, he shared.

Beatriz Oliveira came from a long distance, chasing the dream of becoming an engineer, “something I have always wanted”. She came from Viseu to “a school of reference” and “the atmosphere that I found here is excellent, so I am sure that everything is going to be all right from now on”, she says.