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The prestige and reputation of Técnico are increasingly attracting international students

The international students were welcomed during a session held this Friday, September 14, at IST Congress Centre.

Members from NMCI – Mobility and International Cooperation Office, NAPE – Student Support Unit and PSP – Public Security Police shared relevant information with the international students who arrived this week at Técnico. Professor Luís Miguel Silveira, Vice-president of Técnico for International Affairs, opened the session saying “Welcome to this multicultural school. Técnico is the best engineering school in Portugal and one of the top universities in Europe. One of the main reasons for this is our academic rigour and you will notice that while you are here”.

Técnico welcomes a total of 650 international students, showing a significant increase when compared to the same period last year. The international students come from countries such as Colombia, Chile, China, Cyprus. The large number of international students come from Brazil, followed by the Germany, Spain and Poland, in a total of 38 countries.

Sophia Macedo is from Brazil and applied to Chemical Engineering course: “I read somewhere that Técnico was one of the best schools in Portugal and one of the top EU universities. I found relevant information through Técnico website and I realised that the school has a great atmosphere and that innovation and research are a priority. So, it became my first choice”. Sophia Macedo arrived last week and she is already fascinated. “The city is beautiful and has a lot of history. I feel safe everywhere”, share the student.

“Portuguese and Colombian cultures are similar, the weather here is great, but the prestige of the school is obviously the most important factor when making a decision”, says Juan Guilhermo Forero, from Colombia, who applied to Environmental Engineering. “Everyone is relaxed, friendly and caring and it’s really hot in Lisbon.” “Everyone knows Técnico, so it means that this school has a positive impact on people”, he stresses. Yosr Mahfoudhi, from Tunisia, considers the weather an important factor “I am really enjoying everything. Lisbon is a beautiful city and Técnico is a welcoming school, just as I imagined it”.