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“These scholarships will make our students believe in society and in a better world”

These are the words of professor Fátima Montemor during the scholarship award ceremony, held this Thursday, December 20th.

Alexandre Ramos and André Pedro, both civil engineering students, won the engineer Augusto Ramalho-Rosa scholarship. Reydleon Paiva and Renato Neves, also civil engineering students, were the winners of previous editions. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Rita Sherek, representing the scholarship patron, professor Fátima Montemor, Vice-president of IST for academic affairs, professor Jorge Proença, coordinator of integrated MSc in Civil Engineering and professor António Heleno Cardoso, president of the Department of Civil Engineering.

“I promise to make best use of this scholarship”, said Alexandre Ramos, who also stressed that “this scholarship will allow me to continue studying“. Reydleon Paiva also highlighted the importance of this scholarship in his life: “Now that I won this scholarship I feel relieved. It will allow me to have a better academic performance”. “I will be eternally grateful and I hope that, in the future, I can also help young students like me”, he said.

Professor Fátima Montemor expressed her gratitude for “this extraordinary support that will impact strongly on our students’ lives”. “These scholarships will make our students believe in society and in a better world, and will also encourage them to work harder to become better professionals and good citizens”, stressed the Vice-president.