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Unique opportunities and fun atmosphere at InnoEnergy Open Day

Members of InnoEnergy Master School and current students shared their experience and clarified doubts.

The InnoEnergy Master’s School organised the InnoEnergy Open Day 2019 this Tuesday, March 26th, at Técnico – Alameda campus.

“This year we want to do something different and more dynamic. We want to present our master’s degree programmes, namely those taught at Técnico. InnoEnergy Master’s School allow its students to have a different, exciting and innovative experience”, explains Daniela Portugal, marketing coordinator at InnoEnergy Portugal. Several students were interested in getting more information about the seven master’s degree programmes in sustainable energy, available in the best European universities. Técnico is the only Portuguese university that is part of this group of prestigious European universities.

Students asked different questions throughout the day: application deadlines, recruitment process (what are employers looking for) and tuition fees, were the main topics. “We have managed to attract new students because InnoEnergy master’s degree programmes are indeed different to those they are used to”, said Daniela Portugal. “Nowadays, young people want to study abroad, because the international experience provided by studying abroad is increasingly important in a curriculum”, she adds.

In the two-year programme the students attend 2 universities in 2 different countries and extracurricular activities. A double degree is conferred after these 2 years. The master’s degree programmes combine engineering and management knowledge and skills and allow students to have a close link to industry. The multicultural, entrepreneurial and dynamic nature of these master’s degree programmes is what make them even more appealing.