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DEI/IST laboratories renovated with the support of Xpand IT

Técnico and Xpand IT signed a patronage agreement this Friday.

As on previous occasions, Xpand IT joins Técnico once more, this time to support the renovation of DEI’s RNL laboratories. The patronage agreement was signed this Friday, November 11, during a virtual ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by professor Rogério Colaço, President of Técnico, Rui Maia, partner and CHRO of Xpand IT and Técnico alumnus, professor Pedro Amaral, Vice president of Técnico for Operations and Enterprise Relationships, professor José Carlos Monteiro, president of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI), and Carla Patrocínio, coordinator of the Technology Transfer Office (TT @ Técnico).

“On Behalf of Técnico I want to thank your permanent and long-standing support”, said the president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço. “This support from our friends – that’s what I’m going to call them because our relationship is much more than a partnership, it is a friendship – is crucial so that Técnico continues to perform its mission”, he stressed.

According to professor Rogério Colaço, “companies must follow this approach in the future, i.e. they should have a strong component of social valorisation, and be able to perceive the important role and value of higher education institutions. Xpand-IT is certainly a pioneer in that, and I can only thank you for your friendship and your forward-looking vision”, added the president of Técnico.

Rui Maia underlined that this partnership has grown in recent years, particularly in terms of social responsibility through the “Xpand It, Missão Aproximar – Educação” scholarship. “We want to keep working with Técnico and strengthen our partnership”, said Rui Maia.

“Collaboration between university and company is often seen in other countries. In my opinion it should also be done in Portugal and we definitely want to be at the forefront”.

“As president of DEI, I have contacted Xpand IT several times and I could actually see this effort that the company makes to support Técnico and its students”, said professor José Carlos Monteiro. This commitment is now reinforced with the support of XpandIT in the renovation of DEI’s RNL laboratories. “With your support, we will be able to carry out this very important and necessary work”, he stressed.

Professor Pedro Amaral highlighted the importance of RNL laboratories renovation process, which will involve 5 companies from various areas, and praised professor José Caros Monteiro’s commitment and dedication in this process.

The inauguration of the laboratories is scheduled to take place on September 2021.