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2016 Olympic Games come to an end

The three representatives from Técnico, João Rodrigues, Diogo Abreu and Pedro Pinotes, ranked 11th (sailing), 16th (trampoline gymnastics individual) and 25th (400m freestyle swimming).

João Rodrigues, former student of Mechanical Engineering competed in Sailing, RS:X Class, and ranked 11th. The sailor, who confirmed this year’s Olympics will be his last – is the national athlete who attended most Olympics -, reached two fourth places, on 9th and 10th sailing regattas.

Diogo Abreu, student of Electrical and Computer Engineering ranked 16th on Trampoline Gymnastics Individual. The student reached a total of 49.615 points in the first series, entering the second series on fourth place.

Pedro Pinotes, former student of Civil Engineering, who represented Angola on 400m freestyle swimming, ranked 25th with a final time of 4:25.84 seconds.