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IST Press reissues the book “Aerodinâmica Incompressível: Fundamentos”

IST Press published the 2nd edition of the book “Aerodinâmica Incompressível: Fundamentos”, by Vasco de Brederode.

Designed for graduate and post graduate students, this book presents the fundamentals of low-speed aerodynamics and its application to internal and external flows, etc.

This book provides applications examples for industrial aerodynamics, aircraft aerodynamics, buildings and structures aerodynamics, automotive aerodynamics, atmospheric flows, wind power use, etc. The book requires a high level training in mathematical analysis and applied mechanics, but not prior training in fluid mathematics, being adapted to Ab Initio training in this field.

The exercise manual by Luís da Cunha Eça, entitled “Aerodinâmica Incompressível: Exercícios” can complement the book “Aerodinâmica Incompressível: Fundamentos”.