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Técnico Solar Boat is promoting a crowdfunding campaign

Student group is promoting a crowdfunding campaign to raise 1400 euros to conclude the construction of a racing boat powered by solar energy.

Técnico Solar Boat (TSB), a group of students from Técnico that aims to build a solar-powered boat to participate in international competitions is promoting a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the funds needed to purchase batteries.

The project involves over 30 students and is supported by 18 companies. However, the lack of support from battery manufacturers led them to promote this campaign, worth 1400€, which ends this month.

TSB was created in 2014 and aims to participate in Solar 1 Monte Carlo Cup 2017, in Monaco, and in Dutch Solar Challenge 2018, in the Netherlands. According to participants these competitions “promote some of the main technological advances in several areas of engineering”.