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Four Técnico researchers receive ULisboa / CGD 2018 Scientific Award

Two awards and two honourable mentions were given to Técnico professors in the following scientific areas: Biology, Biological Engineering, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Four Técnico researchers received the ULisboa / CGD 2018 Scientific Award. Professor Ana Azevedo (DBE/IBB) received the award in Biology, Biological Engineering, Biochemistry and Biotechnology scientific areas, and professor Armando Pombeiro received the award in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering scientific areas. The two honourable mentions were awarded to professor Carla Carvalho (DBE/IBB) in Biology, Biological Engineering, Biochemistry and Biotechnology scientific areas and to professor Alexander Kirillov (DEQ/CQE) in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering scientific areas. These awards were created by ULisboa in collaboration with Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) and aim to reward scientific research activities and encourage submission of papers in renowned international journals.

“I am very happy and proud, and I am much more motivated to keep working”, says professor Ana Azevedo, from the Department of Bioengineering (DBE) . “This award is a recognition of the work developed by the research group that I have been creating over time”, says professor Armando Pombeiro, from the Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ). “This award means a lot to me. I have only applied for these awards throughout my life. All the other awards that I received resulted from my colleagues or other people’s suggestions”, stressed professor Armando Pombeiro.

The ULisboa / CGD Scientific Awards have 20 different award categories and aim at professors, researchers and PhD scholars who carry out their research at ULisboa for at least two years and whose work has made significant contributions to the progress of science and/or culture and to the improvement of Portugal’s image overseas.

The rigour, originality and quality of writing, the awards and distinctions received and the positions held are important criteria.

Professor Carla Carvalho listed some of the reasons why she was one of the award winners: “the number of articles I have published over a period of 5 years and the number of citations each article has obtained”. The IBB researcher has no doubt about the impact of her research work, once it allowed “to increase the productivity of biocatalytic systems, the biodegradation of oil and the use of a local bacteria in Azores under extreme conditions for the production of new compounds”.

Professor Armando Pombeiro, who is approaching his retirement, stresses the importance of stimulating the new generations, namely those who work with him. “These awards are important because they are a mean of encouraging high-quality scientific production”. “ULisboa recognised the importance of our work so we feel even more motivated”, says professor Carla Carvalho. “It works like Red Bull! It gives us wings to believe we can make a difference”, says professor Ana Azevedo jokingly.

The ULisboa / CGD Scientific Awards were created in 2016 and provide a research grant worth € 6,500. In 2018, 26 awards and 24 honourable mentions were delivered . The award ceremony will take place next Monday, April 8th.