New Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences disciplines – Applications 2021/2022

Applications are open from 21st June to 23rd July - 1st semester 2021/2022 – 1st cycle students.

Applications for new HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences) disciplines – 1st semester 2021/2022, are open until the 23rd July.

The humanistic component applies to all 1st cycle courses and provides Técnico graduates with the necessary tools to deal with challenges, in a more contextualised and effective way.

Social Sciences help engineers, scientists and architects to understand their needs and the world they live in, while creativity and skills are stimulated through the Arts. Humanities, on the other hand, play a fundamental role in the development of critical thinking and communication itself, and are crucial for these professionals to collaborate with different stakeholders in society.

In line with the flexible and multidisciplinary paradigm of the new teaching model, the 9 ECTS credits corresponding to HASS disciplines comprise more than two hundred curricular units, available at seven Schools of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa).

Students may include in their training a broad range of subjects, such as human emotions (Faculty of Psychology), phonetics (School of Arts and Humanities), history of science (Faculty of Sciences), or sociology (Lisbon School of Economics and Management). Students can also explore a series of design techniques (Faculty of Fine Arts), and study body expression (Faculty of Human Kinetics). Técnico offers HASS disciplines, namely Management and Introduction to Economics. It is mandatory that students choose at least one of these HASS disciplines.

The vast offer aims to promote mobility between the various ULisboa schools, providing students with the opportunity to contact with different academic environments and different people.

Applications must be submitted through the application platform until the 23rd July 2021. The results will be released before the beginning of the enrollment period in the following semester.

Video about the New Teaching Model