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Técnico alumnus nominated for DesignCon’s 2018 Engineer of the Year Award

José Moreira, senior engineer at Advantest, was nominated for his active knowledge sharing on electrical and computer engineer.

Engineer José Moreira is nominated for DesignCon’s 2018 Engineer of the Year Award given by DesignNews, a publication that gathers the largest trusted community of design engineers. Voting takes places until January 12, aiming to recognise and “reward engineers who have a knowledge sharing behaviour in order to help the less experienced engineers”, explains José Moreira.

The alumnus is a senior engineer at Advantest, a company that operates in semiconductor and component test systems business. “This is a very important area within integrated circuits, which are essential for electrical industry and for modern life”, refers the engineer whose role at Advantest is based on the development of new products. “It is very interesting for me to develop new products that will be in the market within the next 3-4 years”, says the engineer.

Besides his active professional life, José Moreira is IEEE Senior Member and the co-author of the book “An Engineer’s Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Digital Interfaces”. “In my opinion, English writing and presentation skills are very important and make the difference”, he says.

The other candidates for this award are Mike Peng Li, Intel Fellow, Istvan Novak, Senior Principal Engineer at Oracle, Vishram Pandit, Platform Architect at Intel, Steve Sandler, Founder and CEO of Picotest and Yuriy Shlepnev, President and Founder of Simberian Inc. “I know very well some of them and their work. Not only because they have more experience but also because they work in this area for a long time. I learnt a lot with them, so I know what their work is worth”.

According to José Moreira “studying at Técnico was very important for my professional life”. “Now that I have a professional experience, I am looking forward to help the new engineers”, he adds. José Moreira doesn’t forget the importance of Técnico and, as he says, “perhaps I have the opportunity to help some Técnico students in the beginning of their professional life”.

The winner of DesignCon’s 2018 Engineer of the Year will be provided with a $10,000 grant or scholarship to the educational institution of his or her choice in the US.