Colóquio de Física – Petra Rudolf **Cancelado**

Técnico Lisboa - Campus Alameda

“Molecular Motors and Switches at Surfaces”. 15h - PA1


Os Colóquios do Departamento de Física estão suspensos enquanto durar a quarentena.

No dia 29 de abril, quarta-feira, às 15h, realizar-se-á mais um Colóquio do Departamento de Física.

A palestra intitulada “Molecular Motors and Switches at Surfaces” será apresentada pela professora dr. Petra Rudolf (coordenadora do grupo ‘Surfaces and Thin Films’, ZIAM-Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials; Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Groningen, Holanda).

Molecular motors and switches form the basis of many important biological processes. In contrast to these solutions chosen by Nature for achieving complex tasks, mankind’s present day technologies function exclusively through their static or equilibrium properties. On can therefore easily anticipate that the controlled movement of molecules or parts of molecules offers unprecedented technological possibilities for the future.
In this presentation I shall show how to build molecular engines that allow movements at the molecular level to be coupled to the macroscopic world, e.g. to transport macroscopic objects like drops of liquid over a surface. I shall also discuss self-assembled monolayers of switches that can be addressed with light and charge transfer and demonstrate how such systems can be employed for “read and write” functions.

Local: Pavilhão de Matemática, piso -1, Anfiteatro PA1.

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