IRSg Webinar – Alicja Wąsik

O IRSg (Intelligent Robots and Systems Group/ISR) promove um seminário que terá lugar no dia 26 de março de 2020, quinta-feira, pelas 17h (hora de Lisboa), via Zoom meeting.

A doutora Alicja Wąsik, uma antiga aluna de doutoramento da EPFL/Técnico-IRSg/ISR irá apresentar um resumo da sua dissertação, defendida recentemente, intitulado “An Institutional Approach to Normative Robotics for Mixed Societies of Humans and Robots”.

I will present the talk I gave for my PhD defence. First, I will give a general overview of the main contributions regarding multi-robot navigation in real environments, namely an approach to adaptation of a formation shape to navigate effectively as a team in constrained indoor spaces, and a multi-robot tracking filter introduced so as to improve robustness of the formation in situations when communication can be faulty.
The second part of the talk focuses on the institutional framework proposed with an aim of introducing social norms to multi-robot behaviours in a manner that allows for abstraction of such norms from the concrete systems they operate upon. This in turn leads to better reusability of the norms, which can be more easily reused across applications. Our work is validated through experimental campaign with multiple human participants and multiple robots sharing a common environment.

O doutor Meysam Basiri acompanhará a emissão.

A participação é livre.