IST Distinguished Lecture – Peter Stone

Zoom videoconferência

“Efficient Robot Skill Learning: Grounded Simulation Learning and Imitation Learning from Observation.” - 17h

O professor Peter Stone será o orador da próxima IST Distinguished Lecture que terá lugar no próximo dia 2 de novembro de 2020. É uma palestra do American Corner@Técnico, uma DEEC Talk e uma ISR-Lisboa Distinguished Lecture.

• 2 novembro, 17h – Online (join Zoom Meeting a partir das 16h50).

• Orador: Peter Stone (Distinguished Professor, Dept.Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin; Executive Director, Sony AI America; President, International RoboCup Federation).

• Título: “Efficient Robot Skill Learning: Grounded Simulation Learning and Imitation Learning from Observation.

• Abstract: For autonomous robots to operate in the open, dynamically changing world, they will need to be able to learn a robust set of skills from relatively little experience. This talk begins by introducing Grounded Simulation Learning as a way to bridge the so-called reality gap between simulators and the real world in order to enable transfer learning from simulation to a real robot (sim-to-real). It then introduces two new algorithms for imitation learning from observation that enable a robot to mimic demonstrated skills from state-only trajectories, without any knowledge of the actions selected by the demonstrator.
Grounded Simulation Learning has led to the fastest known stable walk on a widely used humanoid robot, and imitation learning from observation opens the possibility of robots learning from the vast trove of videos available online.

• Moderador: professor Pedro U. Lima (IST/DEEC; ISR-Lisboa).