Palestra American Corner – John E. Williamson (VR in Space Exploration)

Técnico - Campus Alameda

The Past, Present and Future of Virtual Reality (VR) in Space Exploration” é o título da palestra que terá lugar no próximo dia 22 de abril, às 15h, no Anfiteatro Abreu Faro.

O orador John E. Williamson (VR producer/designer project manager, SAIC – Science Applications International Corporation, Seattle, EUA) desloca-se ao Técnico no âmbito da parceria com a Embaixada dos E.U.A em Portugal (American Corner).

Virtual and Augment Reality Simulations have a long history at NASA, from mission rehearsal to mission design. This presentation will look back at what was and look forward to some novel VR/AR solutions that are just around the corner. From Robonauts to Stress Relief, Family Interactions and PTSD and Pain Relief. If there is an accident on the way to Mars, you can’t just and turn around, the space craft needs to continue its mission. How can VR and AR help astronuauts cope and return to duty as soon as possible?

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