Palestra “Effective Learning Analytics” – Roni Roberts

Técnico - Campus Alameda

No próximo dia 11 de maio, entre as 10h30 e as 12h00, na sala 0.19 do Pavilhão de Informática II, terá lugar a palestra “Diagnosis through Data: Effective Learning Analytics (ELA) to achieve success for all“, proferida por Roni Roberts, Head of Teaching Quality Assurance and Enhancement (TQAE) da University of Exeter, UK.

Effective Learning Analytics at University of Exeter is being used to collect, process and present data on student performance and engagement.  It is helping students and their tutors to understand the individual student’s learning journey and identify where there are possible avenues of support and development.  Our aim is to help all students regardless of their background and prior attainment to be able to meet their full potential.

Roni has been working in education in a global context for 25 years.  He has a broad range of experience in higher education developed through positions in universities in Europe, Australia and the UK.  He has been involved in setting up and growing partnerships and projects with organisations in China, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Pacific Islands.  Before joining the University of Exeter, he was based in Sydney and held the post of Director of Learning Services for Technical and Further Education Commission in New South Wales, Australia. At Exeter, he has responsibility for the Teaching Quality Assurance and Enhancement (TQAE) portfolio.  TQAE consists of the Quality and Standards Team, Academic Development and Enhancement Team, Technology Enhanced Learning Team, Education Projects Team and Programme Development Team.